Sep 28, 2009


This is the one of the movies I bought DVD before coming back to Japan. The story is based on the true story of Australian pianist, David Helfgott, who suffered from breakdown. He spend several years in a institute but started to play piano again in a bar and even played at the concert hall. The reason I like this movie is the line which his teacher in London tells him while he is practicing piano for the competition. The line goes like this..."your hands must form the unbreakable habit of playing notes, so that you can forget all about them and let it come from here, the heart, that's where it comes from..." This words could be for all artists who try to express themselves with their works. Important matter is not what you do or what materials/technique you use, but what you express with these tools.

この映画は、私が帰国前に数点買い揃えたDVDsのうちの一つです。オーストラリアのピアニスト、デイヴィッド・ヘルフゴットの半生を描いた、実話をもとにした映画です。精神を病んでしまったデイヴィッドは、施設で過ごした数年間、ピアノを演奏することを禁止されていたようだけれど、その後バーなのでピアノを弾くようになり、最終的にはコンサート会場で演奏するまでになった。私がこの映画を好きな大きな理由は、彼がロンドンで音楽学生だった頃、コンクール出場にむけての練習中に、先生の言った言葉がとても印象的だったからです。その言葉とは。。。"your hands must form the unbreakable habit of playing notes, so that you can forget all about them and let it come from here, the heart, that's where it comes from... まず、君の手が崩されることのない習慣によって音符を弾くことを覚えること、そうすれば、指の動きなど忘れられる。そして、心から湧き出るものをそのままに奏でればいい。。。”(と、かなり私的な解釈で訳しているので、上手く伝わっているかどうか。。。)

Sep 27, 2009

New Works!

Some of my new pieces came out of kiln, yesterday. Wine glasses I added pictures here were out, too. There are still a lot to figure out, one of them got some cracks and glazing wasn't so great, etc.., but it came out OK for the first time. The Plus series (yellowish ones) are getting stabled, I think. I will try to keep making this series!!!! Hope I can do it without getting bored...haha

昨日、いくつかの新しい作品が窯からあがってきました!素焼きの前で状態で紹介したワイングラスもあがってきました。まだまだ改良するべきところはたくさんありますが。。。(釉薬のはじきだったり、ヒビだったり。。。)初めての試みとしてはぼちぼちの感じであがってきてくれたのでないかな?と思います。 プラスシリーズのほうは、だいぶ安定してきているようなので、飽きることなくシリーズ制作、続けられるといいですね〜!

Sep 24, 2009


  I went to the classic concert tonight. It was with a guitar and a positive organ. Have you heard of positive organ?? The positive organ is portable pipe organ and its sound could be changed in 4 ways. I'm not sure..if it is for all...but today's has 4. (the picture above is the one that was used in today's concert) It was totally a new experience to me and the sound of the organ was so nice. it sounds a bit like flute and matched with the sound of guitar very well. The Youtube video I added here let you hear the sound of the positive organ... (it's not from today's concert...sorry...) The music was great! I really like the sound of organ and classic guitar!
今日はクラシックコンサートに行ってきました。ギターとポジティブオルガンで、バッハを含めて、6〜7曲。 ポジティブオルガンって、皆さん聴いたことがありますか? 上の写真がその楽器なのですが、いわゆる、移動可能なパイプオルガンなんだそうです。今日のオルガンは、スイッチのようなものがついていて、4つの音色を使い分けることができるそうです。とても心地よい音色でした。クラシックギターとのよく合う音色で、本当に素敵なコンサートでした!

Sep 22, 2009

Plus Series - Small Cups

I have been working on this plus series...I guess I really like the process of this series. Carving is fun! It's getting smaller and smaller...haha.. For this small cup, it takes about 15 minutes to carve. When I'm working at studio, people come to me and say.. fewwww...that's really detailed carving!!! These small cups could be of course used as cups, but also it would be good to serve with fruit or desert!! Hope they will come out with no crack... well....one of the wine glasses with blue lip that I showed the picture of here before had cracks after bisque firing.. I was really shocked... it will come out of kiln in a few days... hum....


Red Shrine Gates

Today, I went to Tahara-City museum with my mom. I thought it was only 1 and half hour drive to get there, but, since it's a long holiday, there were traffic jams everywhere...it took 3 hours to get there and 2 and half hours to get back... that was an unexpectedly loooong trip for me!!! The picture was taken at the shrine next to the museum. I can't remember the name of the shrine.... but this line of red shrine gates was very mystical. It almost like a gate to an unknown world... I kinda wish ...I could see something I was not supposed to see...while I was going through the gates.... Nothing happened though...of course...haha


Sep 18, 2009

Small Cups!

The small cups I showed here before came out of Kiln today. I think they are pretty good...don't you think???
Well... nobody leaves a comment here, are you too shy to leave a comment? or you have nothing to say??? haha...Anyway, I'm just wondering how many people are actually coming to read my blog...haha

Tomorrow, we will have a second meeting for a shop. My architect (?) will bring a draft for the shop, and I'm pretty excited about it!!! It was a little difficult to think without having the outline, but from now on, it will be really fun to think about details. Since I have never seen her work, I'm a bit worried... I hope she has a good sense and we can enjoy working together!!!

前にお見せしたちっちゃめカップ。今日、本釜から出てきました! なかなかいい出来だと思っていますが。。。どうでしょうか? 

明日は建築士さんとの2度目の打ち合わせ。平面図を持ってきてくれるとの事。。。とりあえず、大きさやなんかが決まらないことには、細かい事が決めにくかったので、これからが楽しみです! 彼女の仕事をみるのは初めて。。。センスのいい人で、楽しく

Sep 15, 2009

Link to Flickr

Oh, well, well... how long it took making a logo to link to my Flickr... Yes, there is a Flickr gadget created by blogger, but it wasn't working right... gadget for Twitter also was working strangely ... So, I just thought..I would make one for myself..
Anyway, now you can click the Flickr logo in the right bar and check photos I took with iPhone and played with iPhone Apps. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm pretty much addicted with these new toys I got. While I was going out for walk tonight, I was also taking pictures with iPhone and people who was passing me by looked at me funny...I understand...

Anyway, a few days ago, my friend uploaded a quote I liked on Facebook.

“It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
---Charles Darwin---

I wrote a couple days ago that sudden changes are stressful... but the world is changing, our surroundings are changing, we have to adjust ourselves to those changes... I haven't given a enough thought on this yet...so I will come back to talk about this in a few days!!



“It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
---Charles Darwin---


Photo: QuadCamera, TiltShiftGen

Sep 13, 2009


I went to check out "Cetomono-Matsuri (Ceto Ceramic Festival)" today.
It was very hot and sunny day and there were so many people coming to the festival! Some friends from ceramic studio set up stands at the festival, so I visited them to say hey!! I bought one bowl from one of them, though...(on the left side of the picture above).
Anyway, it was too much traffic to get there and I got tired just waiting cars to move...
But, you know what!! Today, what I was most excited about was to try on some photo editing apps for my iPhone that I downloaded today!! It might be easy to just sync with macbook and edit photos on Photoshp or something...but It's crazy what we can do with iPhone apps. Yes...as my mother said...I'm addicted to my iPhone!! Can't stop playing with it!!


Sep 12, 2009

Pieces on process!

Today, I put line drawing on some wine-glasses to be, haha, ( it might get too small after firing...) with white slip on black clay.. the last work I put a picture of work here was with white slip on yellow clay and this is the first time trying this kind of colorful line drawing on black clay, so I'm pretty excited about the result! Since the summer break is over, the kiln situation at the studio where I work at is getting a bit slower. I don't know when they will come out .... Anyway, hope they will come out nicely!


Sep 11, 2009

New Pieces!

Two pieces came out of kiln yesterday and I'm pretty happy about the result. Now small cups are ready to be fired and I'm hoping they will come out nicely, too!!
I used to do a lot of line drawing while I was in school, so these pieces are extension of what I used to do, but this time, the idea of this drawing come to me when I was talking about philosophy with my friend. Well...what is philosophy? It could be really difficult but it also anything we talk about is in a way philosophy, right??
the line in the piece is kind of like... how our thoughts flow... it's interesting to follow our mind. But we can't really capture what we are thinking on the process... it keeps moving and even it's going on in my brain... I can't really know what's going on. And also memories are funny things, too...

昨日焼き上がってきた作品です。 いい感じにあがってきました! 小さいカップも同じように絵つけをして釉薬をかけ、窯に入る準備ができました。きれいにあがってくるといいな〜です!
作品のなかのラインは、意識だったり、考えの流れみたいなものを表現している感じです。意識を追いかけるのって結構面白いですよ。 実際私たち、何かを考えている時って、ほとんど無意識だったりするので、気がつくととんでもないとこにたどり着いてたりする。。。

Sep 9, 2009

Reign Over Me

I watched the movie called "Reign Over Me". It is a very good movie.
I cried so bad... I used to watch movies everyday, while I was in US...thank God for HBO, haha And by watching movies, I was constantly thinking something.. lately, I've not...or should I say, I'm not feeling anything..so, this movie made me thing and knocked my heart. The story of this movie is that a dentist guy, Alan, runs into his college roommate, Charlie, who lost his family on the airplane crush of 9/11, on the street... Charlie is, of course, heartbroken and totally lost...and the Alan trying to help him..but Charlie just pretends that he doesn't remember anything about his family and shuts the door to his heart too tight.. The movie is so sad and heartfelt one. It's really sad to loose something or someone so important to you. It will take some time to adjust oneself... and no matter how long it takes... the things will never go back to the same. In order to let it go...and move on, we have to first accept the fact that it's gone....that would be really tough part... changes are stressful when it comes suddenly and unexpectedly..

I can't not think anything more right now...
Anyway, it is a really good movie!!! I will add it to my favorite list!!




Sep 8, 2009

Blue Sky!

Blue sky smiling at me, nothing but blue sky do I see...♪

We started to feel a bit chilly at morning and night in Nagoya, Japan, but still it's summer...
Today was again a hot day with beautiful blue sky.

But....I'm not feeling so well..... maybe a bit tired... from what???

A good friend of mine is now in London on a business trip ...I wish I can travel to somewhere...
I was planning to visit my friend in Brazil....(well, I have been saying so since I came back from Brazil in 2007....)
But, with this flu situation, my parents said...NOT NOW! when is the right time, then....

It's fun to travel.. especially some place new... it's really unrealistic and that relaxes me...
When I'm new to the place..the place doesn't expect me to be something, I can be anything...
I guess I just don't like to be expected... expected to be something that I'm not... hum...do I know who I am..? what I am..
That's another question...

Anyway, the life in Japan became realistic enough for me by now ..and maybe.. maybe...
an email from London reminded me how nice to be somewhere...

I wish I can just fly away .....







Sep 7, 2009

It's been a while....

I'm back!!!

When was the last time I wrote...
I had a blog while I was in Brazil in 2006-2007, and it's been more then 2 years since I came back to Japan.
I've been working with clay again in Japan and started to feel a little comfortable working with new place, new clay, new people...etc.

I will try to write what is in my mind...when some thoughts are actually in my mind..haha
and share photos of some of my ceramic works and photos from my life that inspire me and make me think!
I also share photos I took or played with on my lovely iPhone!
Yes, I bought an iPhone...(oh..it's not 3Gs...I couldn't wait till it came out.. too bad)
It feels quite slow after I tried new 3Gs at softbank shop....but..well, well...I'm OK with mine for now!

Anyway, hope I can keep this up!!!