Jan 31, 2012


I made a shocking-pink momonga pants as the last piece before the craft fair on 2/2! I t must catch people's eyes!!! Also, I made three caps with wool fabric! The weather news say that it will be snowing on that day..I hope the fair will be opened!!


Jan 30, 2012

The last spurt for the next craft fair!!

I made one more momonga-pants, 4 wool bags and a lot of leg-warmers!!
The craft fair will be in 3 days! I hope the weather won't be too bad!!!


Jan 27, 2012

More momonga and bags with the same fabric!

These are wool (not 100%) Momonga-pants in 3 different colors. I also made bags in dark blue which is the same fabric as momonga-pants. Th point for this bag is round bottom. I think it is cute to be used for Kimono fashion as well!

 3色色違いのウール混モモンガパンツ達です! 紺色の共布で、バッグも作ってみました!そこが丸ところがポイントです!このバッグ、着物姿でもいけるとおもいますっ!

Jan 26, 2012

Blue painted bags and more momonga-pants!

I made blue painted bag today. This is also the last fabric for this series.. Need to think about new ones! Also, I made a wool momonga-pants! Its pattern is a bit different from others, but I think this pattern works good with wool fabric!

今日は、ブルーのペイントバッグを作りました!こちらも、最後の布となり、このシリーズ最後の作品となります! そして、今日はウールのモモンガパンツ!今までのものと、ほんの少しだけパターンが違うのだけれど、ウールにはこちらのパターンの方がよいと思います!

Jan 25, 2012

More momonga-pants!

Today's momonga-pants are identical triplets (haha), made with raised linen, which is a bit rare fabric. Mostly linen is for the summer, but since this linen is thick, these could be wore at this season, too! I made one of them, a little bit thinner than others.


Jan 24, 2012

Twin momonga-pants!

I made twin Momonga-pants! They are 100% cotton so it could be worn in all seasons!
At the last craft fair, I brought 8 momongas and they all flew away in the morning! I will make more of them!!!

双子のモモンガパンツ作りました!彼ら、100%コットンでできてます! 厚手なので、一年中履いてもらえると思います!前回の手づくり市では、8匹のモモンガを連れて行きましたが(笑、午前中にみんな飛んでいってしまいました!

Jan 23, 2012

New Bags!

I have been making bags since I came back from the last craft fair. These two series, yellow two-tone bags and gray painting backs, were sold out at the last fair so I needed make more. But I'm running out or these fabric..so these are the last ones for series!! I need to think something new! I'm planning to make blue painting bags and more momonga-pants for the next fair!


Jan 17, 2012

Thank you very much!!!

A lot of people came to join as at the Hyakumanben Craft Fair. Many customers who bought my pieces before came back to visit my booth again. I could see a lot of smile faces and your re-visiting cheers me up a lot! Thank you very very much!!
Please come join us again and I'm very much looking forward to seeing you again!!

Next one is 2/2 at the Umeko-ji kouen!



Jan 13, 2012

hyakumanben craft fair!



Jan 1, 2012

Hello, 2012!! A Happy New Year to you all~!

A Happy New Year, 2012!

I hope to see everyone I know more and again in 2012, ...and I wish to get a chance to meet you I have never met yet!!

I wish you all have a wonderful year !!




  • 1/15 百万遍手づくり市、出店します!
  • 2/2 梅小路公園ー一木手づくり市、出店します!