Apr 27, 2011

The third firing with clear glaze

 I did firing again with clear glaze this time. A lot of pieces with color. Compare to the pieces before firing, which I introduced on this blog before, the color get a lot darker since I used black clay and they look quite different. Still I need to study more about clay and glaze, and relationship between two...but, oh, well...at least I'm enjoying!


Apr 23, 2011

The socend firing with mat glaze pieces!

 I started firing yesterday afternoon, and the kiln hit the high temperature by the little after midnight and then, I could finally open the kiln around 5pm today. I peeked inside when the kiln was still about 300℃, which I shouldn't do...and thought this firing was bad....but, well, well.. it's not totally success..but, not that bad either. There are still a lot to think about and I need to do more of test firings, but, so far so good!!


Apr 22, 2011

Firing right now!

I'm doing glazed firing right now. I will finish by the midnight, and will be able to open the kiln by the afternoon tomorrow. This time, only pieces with mat glaze are fired and the kiln goes up to 1270℃! I'm really excited!!!

ただいま、本焼き焼成中であります!今日の夜中に焼き上がり、冷めるのを待って、明日の午後には窯だしできるかな?といったところです! 今回は、マット釉をかけた作品だけを焼いていて、窯は、1270℃まであがる予定です! 出来上がりが楽しみです〜〜!

Apr 20, 2011

bisque firing, DONE!

This is the third bisque firing and it went well. I will do glaze firing in a few days!! Hope the colors come out OK!!

3度目の素焼き、いい感じにやきあがってきました〜! 近々本焼きしたいとおもいます。 

Apr 18, 2011

I will do bisuqe firing tomorrow~~!!

Even though the Lohas Festa was postponed, I'm keeping a good pace for ceramic work. As the picture below, pieces before bisque firing have own quality which I really like. Without glazing, the surface is quite mat, and a touch is fragile but soft...I love pieces on this stage.. But..everything changes when it fired... I hope I can keep this quality after the firing..


Apr 15, 2011

The Lohas Festa in Tokyo is postponed...

I received the email that informing me, the Lohas Festa in Tokyo which was scheduled to open on May 14th and 15th is postponed. I feel a little disappointed, since I have been making ceramic works for this event, but ...oh well..well.
I just need to keep up with this working pace in my new setting, and will try to find places or events where I can show my work in the future!


Apr 14, 2011

maru maru

I have been painting rounds lately. It makes me feel good...haha
Since I have been using new clays and new glazes after started working at my own studio.. I'm not sure how these come out of kiln..but pretty exciting, isn't it!
I hope I can bright good work to the Lohas Festa in Tokyo!

*it got crack on the lip of the blue bowl...so cut the lip about 1.5cm and curved the surface...it looks quite interesting...don't you think??



Apr 12, 2011


 I went to shizuoka last weekend to visit "ART&CRAFT SHIZUOKA". It was fun and I bought these sweet little wooden pots with ivy by Hiroshige Kadena(hope I'm reading his name correctly...)..
Thank you!
Well, here are some works before bisque firing that I have been working on. Lately, using a lot of colors... I'm still trying to figure out which clay or color I choose to use, so really wondering what color they get when they are fired...haha

 先週末、静岡の手創り市にいってきました。護国神社で開かれるこのクラフト展、とても素敵な感じでした! 今回は、嘉手納 広重さんの木のマメヅタ鉢。。とってもかわいいです〜!ありがとうございました!


Apr 1, 2011

It's been a while...again.

It was in January? when I did the first firing... it's been a while..but finally, I could do the second bisque firing yesterday. I'm still feeling some pain on my shoulder and arm and can't work as much as I want.
But, I'll be having a booth at Lohas Festa in May, so, have to make new pieces!!! I will try to update this blog with pictures of my work more often!!!

窯を買って、初焼成をしたのが。。。もう、1月だったでしょうか??? やっと。。。2度目の素焼きを昨日しました! いまだに肩と腕に痛みがあって、思うように作業が進められないのですが、今年も5月のロハスフェスタでの出展が決まったので、作品づくり、がんばらないとです!また、ぽつぽつと、出来上がった作品の写真も一緒に、ブログの方の更新も。。。がんばります〜〜!